Ali and Gary

Ages 21 and up
Saturday, June 11
Show: 6pm

TICKETS/COVER: Cover starts at 7:00 pm. Tickets can be bought for $5 online or $10 at the door. Arriving prior to 7:00 pm will waive cover fee. 

About the Duo:

Ali Taylor Terradillos is a Nashville singer/songwriter from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Originally getting her musical wings from performing in local theatre, she found a love for country music playing shows locally in Lancaster. “I remember booking myself a local show that was in a barn and the whole crowd was Amish. I put my speaker on a bale of hay and sang them an hour set of country music” Ali says, laughing at the memory. This ultimately inspired her moved to Nashville in 2014 where she attended Belmont University for Music Business.

She remained driven in music, playing shows and writing, it was at a show where she met Gary Wayne and since then they have collaborated and written many songs together. “We would play out at shows together and have so many songs we had written together, we got such great reactions we thought ‘maybe we should record a duet!” Which is exactly what happened when they finished writing ‘Showed me Love’ with their third cowriter Adam Wheeler. Showed Me Love was produced by Adam and Matt Rovey, making it Ali and Gary’s first duet release. Showed Me Love has over 200,000 streams and is taking the pair to a new level being compared to the Civil Wars and Lady A. “We wanted this song to be a song of hope and love. We wanted people to feel that they could dedicate this to their spouse, love, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, etc. Anyone who has shown you unconditional love throughout your life, we wanted this to be their song.”

Gary Wayne was born and raised in Kentucky with a raw passion for music at a young age. Also playing and writing music any chance he could. This inspired Gary to move to California in pursuit of becoming a full-time musician. “When I got there, it was a great place however, I quickly realized that I needed to be in Nashville if I really wanted to pursue country music. I needed to be in Music City.” After a quick stay in California, Gary moved to Nashville in 2019 there he continued writing, recording, and releasing some amazing songs with Nashville producer Grady Saxman such as: ‘Mama Made Me,’ and ‘In Your Dreams.’ He met Ali Taylor at a songwriter round in town and they had been collaborating, writing, and playing music together ever since. “There are some musicians you meet in town that you just click with and that reflects in the music. My first write with Ali Taylor was that. I’ve been very lucky and fortunate to meet some of the most amazing musicians and songwriters in town.”

During the pandemic, they came up with the idea for ‘Showed Me Love’ over zoom which they later presented to their third cowriter Adam Wheeler over at Noble Vision Music Group. After completing the song to its current form, they decided this song would be great to record and release as their first ever duet. With over 200,000 streams, showed me love is a country-love song with an upbeat positive message. “This is a song about someone in your life who has been there for you when maybe they shouldn’t have. Through the times where you needed help finding your way and kept making mistake after mistake and yet they still showed up to be there for you regardless” says Gary. “I know there have been many moments in my life where I needed love and grace from those around me, and they were there for me through the ups and downs.”