Noah Thompson

Ages 18 and up
Saturday, November 25
Show: 8pm

National Act shows are 18+. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent to enter. 

People have pulled for Noah Thompson when the Kentucky-born construction worker couldn’t pull for himself.

Some dreams simply seem out of reach when the limitations of growing up in a small town and the responsibilities of a toddler named Walker, make superstardom seem distant and meant for someone else. But America believed wholeheartedly in what Thompson couldn’t imagine for himself.

Season 20’s American Idol winner embodies the spirt of country music: overcoming adversity and the odds to achieve widespread acclaim and the hearts of millions. This is more than a CinderNoah story; this is the culmination of an “American (Idol) Dream.”

Before he was performing for 2.5 million television viewers, Thompson was singing for a rag-tag crew of a half dozen construction workers framing houses near his hometown of Louisa, KY (population 2,852). They were laborers with checkered pasts and/or limited options and Thompson was a daily distraction.

“Those boys would have me singing any song they could find on their phones,” said Thompson. “They would push me and push me all the time. It would drive me nuts, but it had a good outcome to it.”

Likeable, humble, funny, and clearly talented, before he knew it, one of the guys on the crew decided to submit him for the American Idol auditions in Austin, Texas.

“When he signed me up, it was a big “No,” recalled Thompson, who had never been on a plane prior to the auditions. “I really didn’t want him to do it. I could never really picture myself doing something like that. Being in that environment, surrounded by famous people like Luke Bryan and all them, it didn’t seem realistic to me.

“Where we come from it’s just such a small town. You see someone make it out of here and it is kind of magic that happens. It’s unrealistic in a way. It doesn’t seem like that can happen for you.”

During his winning season on American Idol, judge Luke Bryan summed it up: “You are going to ‘Aw, shucks’ your way to the top.”


And then he did.

“I came off the show freaking out – I had no idea what was happening, what to do with my life,” Thompson admits. “I knew I wanted to play music but in a million years, I never thought I would end up winning ‘American Idol,’ being on the road, playing shows and writing music. It took me a minute to figure that out.”


Alexis has this insane charisma and look about her that really commands an audience.” ( Before she even sings, a note she draws you in.  Her stage presence, energy and star-like quality combined with her powerful vocals are exactly what have gotten her noticed in this industry.

Getting noticed is one thing, but it hasn’t come without a ton of hard work.  The Dayton, Ohio native has been singing and playing music since she can remember.  He dad, brother and sister are all musicians, so following in their footsteps was inevitable.  As she got older, she joined the family band and before long, she was stealing the show.  Her talent as a musician along with her clean country vocals have contributed greatly to her success.  Her biggest accomplishment to date was finishing in the Top 8 Girls of the hit show American Idol.  Alexis won America over instantly and let everyone know they’ll be hearing more from this young lady soon.  Alexis is even more than her incredible voice, her songwriting has also been greatly noticed and recognized over the years. She was a Top 10 Finalist in the Nash Next National Contest in 2016 & 2017 (a radio contest to find the next Rising Country Star).  Alexis will tell you, “There is nothing I love more than performing live. Looking into the crowd and seeing them sing along to your music is one of the best feelings I have ever had!” All of this has led her to playing over 700 shows in her professional career and opening for artists such as Randy Houser, Montgomery Gentry, Midland, Cassadee Pop, Clint Black, Old Dominion and others.

Alexis graduated from Wright State University with a degree in Spanish Education. She was one the Worship Leaders at SouthBrook Christian Church in Miamisburg, Ohio, her home church since she was a child.  She will tell you, “I work hard at this, but at the end of the day, I know this is a gift that God had given me. I always try to remember that and thank him every chance I get!”

If you have ever seen an Alexis Gomez concert live, her talent as a singer, songwriter and entertainer is undeniable!  Come see her for yourself and experience the energy and fun that Alexis brings to Country Music!

Blake Tyler is a Lebanon, Ohio native who has recently begun his journey as a singer/songwriter. In 2021 he took the stage for the first time in his short career and has built an entertaining and young band with ambitions to play on big stages. He is quickly gaining world wide traction through TikTok with 300k plus followers and counting. Country music is in his blood. His Grandmothers band holds a place in the Country Music Hall of Fame forever as the first all-female group in country music history. Blake has played all over Cincinnati building a local fan base and has had the pleasure of opening for Ernest, Chase Matthew, Diamond Rio, Montgomery Gentry and more. He brings the new style of mainstream country music, with influence from Morgan Wallen, Hardy and Luke Combs to name a few.


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