Tera Lynne Fister

Ages 21 and up
Saturday, August 27
Show: 9:30pm

TICKETS/COVER: Cover starts at 7:00 pm. Tickets can be bought for $5 online or $10 at the door. Arriving prior to 7:00 pm will waive cover fee.

If you have been to Nashville, you know music exists on every corner. And chances are you may have heard the feisty, gritty, power vocals of Tera Lynne Fister at some point playing either an acoustic set or full band performance around town. If you’ve been lucky enough to have witnessed her bright pink hair bouncing around on stage with her sassy banter and edgy guitar licks, it’s an experience you’ll carry with you long after you leave. The St Louis, Missouri native has spent the last eight years in Music City honing her craft, even fronting her own band, Lady and the Gents. Endorsed by Cole Clark Guitars, this soul bearing independent artist drips every performance with what her mama used to call “psychedelic honkytonk rock.”

Her mama, whom she tragically lost to pancreatic cancer at the age of 54, used to tell Tera that she came out of the womb singing. And with a family line of genius musical talent, it’s no wonder she was exposed to a wide variety of genres and instruments. Piano, drum, and guitar lessons as a child led to school recitals, where Tera realized that she couldn’t do anything else but music for a living. In fact, the spitfire still owns the little black three quarter size guitar that she got for her 11th birthday—the one she sat on the floor with for hours at a time in her room, looking up chords, charts, and finger techniques. 

And now she is on the verge of releasing her own soundtrack for the first time since becoming a professional musician! She has released her debut single “Hell Raiser” which will be followed by two other singles all leading up to the full self-titled album, in what she calls “28 years of Tera in a 7 song diary.” Produced by Thom Donovan and Christopher Griffiths of the Will Hoge Band and mastered by five-time Grammy award winner Ray Kennedy (Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow), the recording of this album was a hands on, mind blowing experience for Tera, especially when it comes to the technology side of the business.

Prominent members of the village, Donovan and Griffiths, also co wrote with Fister in addition to producing. A self- proclaimed searcher of art and lover of color, Fister uses alone writing time for therapy and healing. But as a team player and solid communicator, she finds that co-writing is a necessary human experience that allows one to think outside of the box and listen to other’s stories. Her collaborative spirit has journey with her to several stages, opening for Alabama, Neal McCoy and Jo Dee Messina as rhythm guitarist and background vocalist for country music rising artist Kelsey Hickman. A wearer of many hats, she was also hired as a BGV in 2018 for the USA network’s singing competition reality show, “Real Country”, which featured judges Travis Tritt, Shania Twain, and Jake Owen. 

It’s fitting then that one of her main goals is to tour the world changing lives thru music. No matter what stages she plays on, Tera will be the first to tell you how grateful she is for every experience—especially the dive bars that have taught her how to make jokes, keep a crowd entertained, and stay lighthearted thru difficulties. Tera’s creative input and gifts of empathy and compassion are just the right combination for communicating with audiences on all levels, creating a sense of nostalgia and oneness. Her deep emphasis on growth, community, and musical magic will always find its way to the right listener at the right time.